The voice of youth is being heard loud and clear in Chedworth after the Youth Parish Council celebrated their one year anniversary this month.

The Youth Council, set up by Claire Dowan, Youth Participation and Development Officer at Cotswold District Council, was formed to give young people a voice and a view on what to do and where to go in Chedworth. 

Since being formed, the group has appointed a chairman and a secretary, and has spent the last 12 months getting to know the roles, responsibilities and functions of a youth council.

Members of the Youth Parish Council attend full parish Council meetings, and have also been involved with the local play committee.  The group are currently trying to make contact with the young people in Chedworth though a rural cinema showing of the festive film ‘The Grinch’ on Saturday December 13th, while they also organised an Easter Egg Hunt earlier this year.

The Youth Council consists of eight members ranging in age from15-18, who meet once a month in Chedworth’s village hall.  They are currently applying for funds so they can continue their work in the parish in 2009.

Claire Dowan said:  “Many of the young people in Chedworth go to different schools and are quite spread out geographically.

“The Youth Council is a committed and lively group of young people, who have a genuine interest in learning about the community and how they can support this.

“This is an ideal opportunity for not only getting young people to get to know each other in the local community, but it allows them the chance to impact on things to do and places to go in their local areas.”

If anyone would like more information about youth events at Cotswold District Council, then please contact Claire Dowan at the council on [email protected]

Source: Cotswold District Council