Wicked Lick, an all-natural liquid nitrogen-crafted ice cream company, has announced expansion plans for Miami to break into the South Florida market.

Wicked Lick is vigorously seeking single and multi-unit franchise partners throughout South Florida, with the goal of awarding ten licenses by the end of 2022.

The ideal candidate will have previous business management experience and is passionate about creating a business.

Wicked Lick presents the prospect for Miami’s entrepreneurs who are looking to not only fulfill their dreams of owning a business but who are looking to leave their mark. 


The brand is focusing its development efforts in Miami, looking for operators who want to bring an exciting concept to their area.

Wicked Lick was founded in 2018 by John Smotryski and Amanda Velazquez.

Its distinguishing features include the use of liquid nitrogen, the production of ice cream in small batches, and its eye-catching merchandise.

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Liquid nitrogen is used to freeze their freshly made creams at 321 degrees below zero.

Wicked Lick says the technique enhances the flavor and delivers a taste unlike anything else. Additionally, the brand has become the first-ever hybrid liquid nitrogen ice cream shop through its use of small batches.

Crafting ice cream in small batches takes nearly half the liquid nitrogen and requires less time to serve its customers, translating into a successful business model that has fueled the brand’s growth.

Source: QSR

Image: Wicked Lick

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