West Coast-based tech companies, particularly those in Silicon Valley, are increasingly looking for talent outside of the area to cope with the nationwide employment shortage.

The ratio of job posts from West Coast companies across the United States increased to 43 percent in 2021, up from around 30 percent at the start of 2019.

Moreover, it’s a growing trend amongst several industries as remote-working means companies no longer need staff based locally.


Texas had the largest percentage of job postings from West Coast tech companies from 2020 to 2021 at 7.3.

This was up from 4.6 percent before the pandemic. Other states attracting tech firms comprise Virginia, Georgia and North Carolina.

41 percent of respondents said their productivity increased in the remote work setup compared to before the pandemic.

A workforce survey from PwC found that 41 percent of respondents said their productivity increased while working remotely.

It said: “Workers may be getting the hang of remote work, with fewer employees and employers reporting decreases in productivity now than in 2020.

Apple, Microsoft, Shopify, and Slack are amongst the well-known firms with fully remote or hybrid work setups.

California-based Williams-Sonoma, TranscribeMe, and Robert Half International are among the top 15 US employers with remote jobs to watch in 2022.

Although California is lagging behind the rest of the country in its recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, job seekers will find plenty of opportunities in San Francisco and San Jose.

Despite having 11.7 percent of the country’s workforce, California accounted for roughly 22 percent of all jobless claims in December 2021.

In October, the state tied with Nevada for the highest unemployment rate of 7.3 percent, far higher than the national figure of 4.6 percent.

Companies are relying on alternate strategies to fill vacancies and serve their clients as a result of millions of employees abandoning their employment during the Great Resignation.

Staffing firms around the country are responding to the demand for temporary and contract workers in this tight labor market.

The Data from American Staffing Association (ASA) in Alexandria, VA, staffing firms hired an average of 2.7 million temporary and contract workers every week in the third quarter of 2021.

Source: HRD Mag

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