Deborah Turness, CEO of ITN, has been hired to take over from Fran Unsworth as CEO of BBC News.

She will be paid £400,000 a year, around £60,000 more than Unsworth, says MailOnline.

Turness began at ITN last April, having worked as the first female president of a US network news division, NBC News.

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is raising the pay of four of its executives, from $650,000 to $1m, weeks after telling employees it wouldn’t adjust salaries for rising inflation, says The Verge.

Chief financial officer Ruth Porat, senior vice-president Prabhakar Raghavan, senior vice-president and chief business officer Philipp Schindler, and chief legal officer Kent Walker will also be able to participate in a $2m annual performance-based bonus scheme and have been granted stock awards with “target values in the millions of dollars.”

Philip Green and his family, who owned retail adjust group Arcadia before it collapsed in 2020, are set to receive up to £2.5m from the sale by administrators of a former Topshop store in Norwich (then part of Arcadia).

The site was bought for £12m in 2016, with an £11m loan from Aldsworth Equity – also owned by the Greens, the terms of which prioritised its debt above that of most other creditors, says The Guardian.

Last year, Aldsworth Equity received £50m from the repayment of a loan it made against Topshop’s Daventry warehouse.

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