Walmart recently announced details of a new scheme where graduates can earn as much as $210,000 a year working as a store manager.

The multinational retail corporation operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores across the United States.The headquarters is in Bentonville, Arkansas.

As of January 2022, it has 2,300,000 employees worldwide.


Out of that number, a lot of people work as store managers for Walmar and the recent news of the company targeting college graduates to be hired as store managers earning a whopping $210k is likely to attract a lot more.

With graduates now finishing their degrees and coming into the job market, we’re sure you’re keen to know what it’s like to be one.

We’ve looked at the reviews on for some feedback.

Reviews on the role

High energy, very fast-paced

Work close with people, help develop associates and managers. Hold people meetings, cover goals, successes and opportunities. Be involved in hiring and training of associates. Run a clean, profitable and well merchandised Store. Plan for upcoming events, work close with community. Manage merchandise and back stock.

Store Manager (Former Employee) 

Challenging but can be rewarding

If one can stay focused, stay out of the negativity of others, be career minded, you can advance and make a solid career at Walmart. The training and skills you can learn can be applied in many leadership roles.

Store Manager (Former Employee) 


Great place to work. Loved it. Best time of my life spent at that place.

Store Manager (Former Employee)

However, sometimes it’s not that great.

Chasing the shiny red ball constantly

When it’s right, it can be a great job. Sadly, it’s almost never right. Constant grind. Poor entry level pay, management varies wildly from horrible to great, and the great ones usually don’t last long before the company grinds any positive energy out of them. The policies and culture look good on paper but are very unevenly enforced and open to a lot of interpretation. The pay is good at higher management levels but it brings a lot of stress with it. No pension or long term service bonuses. I recommend looking elsewhere.

Store Manager (Former Employee)

Great for advancement and money to be made

Walmart over is a great company to work for. You get great benefits, a lot of opportunity for growth and you can make a lot of money as you grow with the company. That all comes at a price retail in itself makes it difficult for a work/life balance. The higher you advance the more stress you will take on which is no different from any other establishment.

Store Lead (Former Employee)

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