What jobs are in Fashion?

Getting a foot in the fashion industry may be unnerving due to the sector’s level of competitiveness. Those who work in the fashion industry have a variety of responsibilities depending on the role. People who work in fashion marketing may visit retailers to persuade them to purchase certain clothing lines. Whereas those who work in fashion design may visualise and produce a design, source and buy fabrics, oversee production and develop different ranges.

Anyone who works in this industry will need to have an eye for uniqueness and notice the importance of patterns in everything around them. There are also many fashion-related careers in the media industry. This would include being a fashion journalist, fashion photographer or even a costume designer in theatre.

What are Fashion jobs requirements?

Requirements always depend on the specific role, but most employers will have a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as fashion design or fashion merchandising. During the course, applicants will learn about textiles and fabrics and learn how to use computer programs relating to the role. However, the most important part of applying to fashion-related jobs is having a good portfolio – a collection of design ideas that demonstrates the applicant’s styles and knowledge. Without fashion-related qualifications, a way to enter the industry is with expertise and a lot of work experience in a previous role. 

What are the current Fashion job market trends?

Salaries range from £16,000 for interns and beginners all the way to £85,000 plus for creative directors or senior designers. Nowadays, with the popularity of online retailing, being self-employed is increasingly more alluring. The majority of opportunities are available in London and the South East. However, opportunities are springing up in Scotland and in the North West. Recently some of the most popular fashion jobs are in magazines, meaning there are no job shortages for graphic designers, stylists and even models.