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“All my experiences with capitalism, I’m afraid, have indicated that it encourages some of the worst features in people. Eat or be eaten. It’s underlined by the survival of the fittest. I can’t buy that. I mean, maybe it’s the awful face of capitalism, but I haven’t seen the other face.”

Human-rights activist and priest Desmond Tutu ,who died in December 2021, speaking in a 1986 interview in The Washington Post, quoted on Twitter.

“l think money is important to a certain point. We all need money to buy food and to pay our bills. But I don’t let it get to my head where it takes me over. Forty years ago l drove an Aston Martin and I thought I was a playboy. I think as you get older you realise what’s important in life.”


Serial entrepreneur and Dragon’s Den star Touker Suleyman, quoted in The Sunday Telegraph.

“If it [hadn’t worked] out I would have needed to go back to selling cattle with my dad- so l gave it my all! I don’t recommend it, but at the time it was like 0% APR and so we maxed out credit cards [to get it off the ground]. Luckily, the business went from zero to a million dollars in no time so we were able to pay it off.”

Fashion designer Gabriela Hearst on starting womenswear brand Candela with two partners and $750 each, quoted in The Observer.

“I think my best decision with money was letting somebody else handle it. And I’ve been lucky like that. My husband is a very astute businessman. He invested a lot in land and.. he owns his own businesses as well. I can’t think of any glaring mistakes that we made.”

Singer Brenda Lee, whose hits include Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, quoted in The Daily Telegraph.

She gets royalties from songs spanning more than 60 years.

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