In the last two years, there has been a massive increase in the ‘work from home industry,’ and not just from individuals looking for a good work-life balance but employers who realize the benefits of allowing workers to stay offsite. In a recent study by, by the year 2026, 75% of US businesses will have some form of remote workers. The study showed that Covid-19 had forced companies to change their structure, and it is here to stay. Working from home is now the new normal!

What jobs can I do working from home?

You can find thousands of home-based roles that require both skilled and nonskilled candidates. Below we have listed the top 5 homework jobs by job title.

Customer Care

Customer care representatives answer incoming emails and telephone calls with a range of client questions. In this home-based role, you will be tasked to try and solve problems, help with orders, process complaints and keep company computer systems up to date. It is probably the most straightforward job to find in the homework industry and rarely requires formal qualifications.

Website Testing (UX, UI)

Web testers, also known as user testing or user interface testers or UX Designer skills, are tasked to give honest feedback on the usability of a business’s website. In particular, they are looking for quality issues, how easy the site is to navigate, and also perform what is known as cross-browser testing using multiple devices, such as desktops, laptops, and various mobile devices (apple and android being the most common).

Virtual Personal Assistant (PA)

Home-based Personal Assistants have been around for many years now. They are required to do a diverse range of tasks such as diary management, arranging meetings, scheduling flights both in and out of the US, and general administration tasks. You will need to have a good level of experience for this type of role, but there are many opportunities out there for suitable candidates.

SEO Executives

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is one of the most significant growth areas in the USA. Put it this way; if you are a business that trades online, you need to have SEO specialists on the payroll. The job of an SEO is to analyze, review and suggest a change to their employer or client’s website, with the end goal being more web-based traffic. A website such as WhatJobs will typically employ around 10-15 in-house SEO executives, with several full-time home workers.

Content Writing & Proofreading

A homeworker content writer is tasked to produce digital media for companies to showcase their products and describe their business to an online audience. They will usually collaborate with an editor (aka content manager) and write within fixed guidelines depending on the company’s style that employs them. As a proofreader, you need to have excellent attention to detail and be familiar with the AP Stylebook or the Chicago Manual of Style. A home-based proofreader will ensure the content writer’s text is free of formatting, grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors before it is allowed to be set live on the company website or literature.

Summary About Work From Home Jobs

There is plenty of money to be made while working from home for those with and without formal qualifications. As a word of warning, always be vigilant as many scammers deliberately target those looking to work from home. Trust the old saying, “If it is too good to be true, it probably is.”

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