On Tuesday, company executives signed due diligence paperwork to begin planning for the prospective plant at the Harrison County Industrial Park, which will be the plant’s future location. According to previous reports, the project will be the first full-scale deployment of the company’s unique magnesium extraction method in the United States. 

The $1 billion magnesium facility will be built on a 122-acre site within Cadiz’s industrial zone. Western Magnesium Corp. executive president and CEO Sam Ataya said the county was chosen following a 16-month search of Ohio and the United States. He claimed that the company’s decision was influenced by “needs” and “pleasant surprises.” 

 “Logistics is one reason we felt strongly about the area we’re going into. We were able to identify that the area had enough power and speed for what we need to operate our plant there. It’s a central area, so when we do produce magnesium, that metal can reach industry effectively and promptly,” he said. 

We worked with JobsOhio, who was fantastic in helping us select the site and look at everything around us. … The community leaders were very welcoming and really worked with us on our needs, and that’s something for us that we take a great interest in. I think plants in the old days would look at a site and not worry about anything else, but for us, looking at the community, education, the colleges, the high schools where we’re really able to work with them as well because we’re developing new job skills.” 

According to Ataya, the due diligence stage has already begun. The business is flying a drone over the property to begin mapping out the land so officials can decide where the facility will be built. The due diligence stage will last for the next 12-18 months, following which the corporation expects the building to begin. He stated that they intend to develop a 300,000square-foot structure as well as additional structures on the property. According to the firm, each factory will employ up to 200 full-time employees and 500 part-time jobs

According to Nick Homrighausen, executive director of community economic development for the Harrison County Community Improvement Corp., the factory is a fantastic opportunity for the county. According to him, the initiative will generate hundreds of employments and diversify the local economy. 

It once again proves that we can compete for worldwide projects in Eastern Ohio and Harrison County. It will bring 200 high-paying jobs to the county that will help with our population growth, as well as diversifying our economy with manufacturing that will be located within our industrial park in Harrison County, and potential for other plants that might want to be near this plant for the calcium or magnesium that will be taking place,” he said. 

Homrighausen stated that they are looking forward to cooperating with the company during the due diligence phase and in the future to the groundbreaking stage. According to Harrison County Commissioner Paul Coffland, the new facility will provide 200 permanent employments and hundreds of temporary positions during construction once it is up and operating. 

We’re excited about the potential for 200 jobs being created in Harrison County and possible spin-off businesses that could occur,” he said. 

Coffland said they are also excited for the opportunity and look forward to working with Western Magnesium over the coming months to make sure the project comes to fruition. Western Magnesium plans to break ground on the new plant within the next 18 months. A large sign that says “Future home of Western Magnesium” now sits on the property. 

Source & Image Credits:  Martins Ferry Times Leader