The Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford has said that the UK government has acted “without regard” for the delegated nations. He states that continuing to do so will enhance the case for the break-up of the Union. The United Kingdom has “never been this fragile” as its government prepares to unveil its ‘Reforming Our Union’ plan to reset relations with Westminster.

According to the 20-point plan, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland should be based on an equal partnership and establish an independent agency to monitor how funds are distributed “fairly” among countries.

It also called for reform of the House of Lords to reflect the composition of the United Kingdom. So allowing entrusted ministers to express their views in the UK’s approach to international relations. This would enable Wales to influence justice and policing as currently Scotland and Northern Ireland can.

Before the announcement of the plan in the Welsh Parliament known as ‘Senedd’, Drakeford said: “Wales’ future is best served by a strong delegation of power, so decisions about Wales are made in Wales – and by being an equal partner in a strong and revitalised United Kingdom.”

It’s time for relationships to be reset. The principles and ways of working we have outlined would lead to the strong and durable Union – a union which we believe would deliver the best outcomes for the people of Wales and the wider United Kingdom.”

The plan also proposes the UK Government should agree it will not fund other governments’ responsibilities without their accord, following criticism from Wales and Scotland that the Internal Market Act allows Westminster to allot money to devolved areas.

“People in Wales want to see the UK Government and the devolved Welsh Government working together to defeat the pandemic and focus on our shared recovery.” A spokesperson told.

“Just weeks after the Senedd election, people across Wales will be left scratching their heads at the fact this is now the priority for the latest Labour administration in Cardiff Bay and we’ve been through an incredibly difficult period and what people want to hear from governments and ministers of all stripes is how they’re going to protect jobs, secure new opportunities and deliver a clear plan for Wales’ economic recovery, not constitutional debate and demands for more powers and politicians in the Senedd,” said Andrew RT Davies, The Welsh Conservative Senedd leader.

Source: East Lothian Courier