You’d be lying if you said you haven’t scrolled through Amazon with the sole intention of finding weird things no one could ever need – possibly after a few drinks.

Some items on this list might be something you didn’t know you needed – even if it’s very random.

This list of thoroughly odd items you can buy from Amazon could be a lifesaver this time of year with Christmas around the corner.


A 27-pound bucket of mac & cheese

This is the ideal present for cheese lovers out there.

You can get this mac and cheese to feed you daily for an entire month or share it with 100 people.

It’s certainly something that most people would have never thought existed.

It also has a shelf life of two years, so would be ideal should the apocalypse hit unexpectedly.

But it does. It’s for sale on Amazon for $169.99.

Egg Laying Chicken Key chain

Yes, you read it right.

Amazon is selling a key chain of a chicken that lays an egg when its stomach is squeezed.

Who needs one of these? Probably nobody. But will you buy it when you’re drunk? Probably.

It’s only $7.50 on Amazon.

The NoPhone Air

Wouldn’t we all love a phone that’s so light and doesn’t get in the way?

This is taking it to the next level, but it won’t get in the way.

It’s a phone that’s not there.

It’s the perfect sarcastic gift for your son/daughter who uses their phone too much.

Amazon is selling it for $6.99.

If Jeff Bezos can get you part with that much for pretty much nothing, he probably deserves his vast wealth.

World’s Lightest Solid Matter

For all you space lovers, this is Silica Aerogel, also known as frozen smoke.

You will be able to own a piece of history by getting a jar of the matter – pretty cool.

You can buy this off Amazon for $39.95.

A whole Alligator

You read that right; you can buy a whole Alligator off Amazon.

 This is perfect for you if you want to make a statement for your next cookout, party, get-together, holiday feast, or work event.

You can even get different sizes – so take your pick.

Just to be clear: It is NOT a live alligator.

A small one-off Amazon is $114.99.

Pop-up toilet snake

Scare the life out of your housemates or family mates with this fake snake.

It will undoubtedly scare someone to the point that they poo their pants.

The toy is easy to install then; when someone lifts the lid, it springs up and frightens them.

Perfect for a prankster.

It is $29.95 on Amazon.

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