The world’s first fully automated pizza restaurant has opened in Israel, and can make nearly one a minute.

Passers-by gawp at the amazing operation seen at Hyper Food Robotics’ operation in Tel Aviv, which is fully run by robots.

There’s not a human to be seen at the company’s 40-foot unit.

Ready-made dough and toppings are sent to the unit at the start of the day, and then the machines take over.

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The robots stretch and rotate the dough, then add the exact amount of toppings, bake them to perfection, slice them up and send them to the customer through a hatch.

The whole process takes just nine minutes.

Pizza Hut has also utilized the technology in its Mazor, central Israel, branch, but it is adaptable to any pizza brand.

The customer orders and pays using the app or at a kiosk at the front of the store. 

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Udi Shamai, CEO of Hyper Food Robotics said: “For the first time, people are seeing a robotic store – a fully autonomous store with no workers – and they are amazed.

“And also the fact that you can see the pizza in process, so you can really track what’s being done inside, gives it another layer of excitement.”

The robo-restaurant is outfitted with sensors and cameras to ensure that the robots properly prepare the dough and spread the toppings.

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If an issue requires human involvement, it will automatically request assistance.

Every 40 minutes, the robots clean themselves with chemical-free ozone-treated water.

All of the company’s technology was created from scratch.

In the coming months, Hyper Food Robotics, established in 2019, will open its second robo-restaurant in the US.

It’s not the first firm trying to automate fast food, but Shamai says it is the first full-concept autonomous store.

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