Walmart is launching a pilot program for existing store workers to become truck drivers for the company’s massive private fleet.

This 12-week training program will focus on retail employees  in Texas and Delaware locations who wish to advance their career pathway.

The training program has a four week session focusing on getting the commercial driver’s license (CDL), followed by an eight-week curriculum and practical training.


CEO Doug McMillon said: “Our vision is any Walmart U.S. associate who desires to be a professional Walmart private fleet driver would have the opportunity.”

“At this point, we are in the program’s initial phase and have focused on supply chain associates in the two areas [Texas and Delaware] where we’re offering the training.

They organized a 12-week training program for workers in other departments to become certified truck drivers in late 2021.

After completing the classroom training, drivers graduate with their CDL through Walmart’s Live Better U program, months of real-world experience under professional instructors, and a dedicated mentor to assist them easily transition into their new career.

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The first batch of 17 students who worked in supply chain roles in Dallas and Dover, Del graduated with their CDL in mid-March.

They became full-fledged Walmart truck drivers after paying around $4,500 for the process.

Walmart is increasing pay for its drivers, who may now earn up to $110,000 in their first year with the firm.

The company recruited over 4,000 drivers in 2021 for its private trucking company.

With around 12,000 drivers, Walmart’s private trucking fleet is now one of the largest in the country.

Source: TBP

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