Walmart is collaborating with a fertility startup to help its employees expand their families.

The nation’s leading retailer has announced a partnership with New York-based Kindbody to provide healthcare benefits.

It covers in vitro fertilization along with fertility testing irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status.


Employees at Walmart will have access to more than 30 fertility clinics and in vitro fertilization laboratories across the US.

Kindbody clinics will be open to assist eligible employees in accessing Walmart’s surrogacy and adoption benefits.

Walmart employees, their wives or partners, and any adult-dependent children enrolled in a Walmart-sponsored medical plan are eligible.

Each one will receive up to $20,000 in medical benefits for fertility treatments over the course of their lives.

Several other Walmart employees will also earn up to $20,000 in lifetime reimbursement for surrogacy and adoption services.

These include salaried, full-time hourly, and full-time managers in the store’s eye-glass departments.

The expanded services, available from November 1, are based on Walmart’s so-called Center of Excellence model.

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It covers some heart, spine, and joint surgeries and cancer treatments.

Walmart SVP and Global Head Kim Lupo said: “Providing access to high-quality health care is very important to us.

“We’ve heard from our associates that improved access to fertility, surrogacy and adoption support is a priority for them and their families.”

Walmart has joined other prominent firms, such as Amazon, in assisting employees with adoptions or covering expenses like fertility treatments.

In a tight labor market, more employers are introducing these bonuses to retain and attract workers.

The Bentonville, Arkansas-based corporation could not immediately reveal the number of people who are eligible for the new fertility benefit.

Source: The Washington Post

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