Walmart has unveiled its virtual try-on tool which lets customers shop more online amid rising inflation when shoppers limit their spending on clothes.

The “Be Your Own Model” feature allows shoppers to see how an item of clothing would look on their own bodies.

In March, the company launched the tool’s initial version, allowing customers to pick a model that suited them in body type, skin tone, and hair color.

This follows the company’s acquisition of Zeekit, a virtual fitting room startup.


The new feature makes use of algorithms and machine learning technologies that were first used to create more accurate topographic maps.

Shoppers can virtually try on over 270,000 products from Walmart’s private brands and select products from national brands.

They can choose either option, using their own picture or a fairly similar model.

The website takes a scan of a person’s physique to create a more realistic sense with the personalized tool.

It includes how a piece of fabric drapes, how a color appears, and where a sleeve or hem hits, all without visiting a store.

Walmart is introducing the new feature when selling new clothes has become more difficult.

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As inflation increases the cost of food, rent, and other items, people are deciding where to cut back.

The big-box retailer has joined a growing list of firms, including Target and Best Buy, that have reduced their full-year profit outlook as Americans spend less on discretionary items.

Walmart increased its sales forecast in July because it was profiting from buyers seeking low-cost food and necessities, even as they purchased less high-margin products.

Other companies have dabbled with virtual try-on, like Amazon, which offers an augmented reality tool that allows customers to view how a shoe might look on their feet.

Source: CNBC

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