Walmart plans to hire 50,000 new staff across the US to strengthen its business offering by early 2023.

The business giant is looking for a range of staff in areas like retail, supply chain, corporate and technology, in addition to sales and corporate office positions.

The company has also announced 5,000 vacancies in technology associations will be filled in the next fiscal year.


Donna Morris, Chief People Officer said: “We have jobs across functions and sectors — merchants, marketers, pharmacists, optometrists, software engineers, data scientists, distribution, store and club managers.” 

“We believe our focus on the growth and mobility of our associates is second to none. We promote thousands of associates each month across our stores, clubs, supply chain facilities and campus offices.” 

WalMart’s 2021 recruitment included 5,500 pharmacists and pharmacy managers, along with 13,000 pharmacy technicians and around 4,500 truck drivers.

The company had promoted more than 300,000 US associates to a wider range of higher-paying posts in 2021. 

Morris continued: “Approximately 75 percent of our US store, club and field management started their careers as hourly associates. We provide unparalleled opportunities to advance from entry-level associates to positions of greater responsibility and higher pay, on average within seven months.”

WalMart had announced plans to hire 20,000 new supply chain associates in special hiring events in early September.  

That same month, the retail giant also expressed its aim to hire 150,000 US sales associates for the holiday selling season.

Walmart previously reported paying supply chain employees an average payment of $20.37 per hour.

The company also stated a minimum hike of $1 an hour for more than 565,000 of its almost 1.2 million store associates.

The Bentonville based leading retailer now has 1.6 million associates in the US and almost 2.3 million globally.

Source: Supermarket News

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