Walmart has announced it will hire 40,000 seasonal and full-time associates as the holiday shopping season draws near

The company says it will bring in new staff for various roles including seasonal store associates, customer service associates, and 1,500 full-time truck drivers. 

This year, Walmart has been expanding its private trucking fleet, raising potential first-year compensation to $110,000 in April.


Current associates can pick up extra holiday hours for in-store roles, and Walmart will hire temporary workers as required.

Last year, these associate roles got three pay rises, bringing the average hourly compensation to $16.40.

This year, Walmart again hiked the average hourly compensation for pharmacy workers to $20 per hour, bringing the US average hourly salary above $17.

Earlier this month, United Parcel Service announced plans to add nearly 100,000 seasonal workers, almost the same number it promised last year.

The seasonal hiring total is lower than the 150,000 mainly permanent and full-time associates recruited last year.

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Furthermore, the retail behemoth hired 20,000 supply chain personnel the previous year to help ease logistic difficulties.

The firm says more than half of its seasonal US associates will transform to part-time or full-time jobs in the new year.

Expectations for the key shopping season are modest, with some forecasting only a one percent to three percent inflation-adjusted rise in sales.

Walmart and other big box retailers have been dealing with excess inventory and hefty markdowns for much of the year.

Source: CNBC

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