Salesforce has announced it will start allowing vaccinated employees to return to office based working. They are one of the first major USA businesses to give vaccinated workers preferential treatment over those who have not yet been vaccinated. The cloud based software maker said that vaccinated employees can volunteer to join groups of 100 or less. They can return to work in its San Francisco headquarters or several other offices such as Palo Alto and Irvine. However office workers would be mandated to be tested for Covid 19 at onsite testing centres.

Salesforce said that “Later in our phased reopening stage, offices will gradually reopen from 20% to 75% capacity,” at the latter part both vaccinated and non-vaccinated employees will be welcomed.

Salesforce used a mixture of hybrid and permanent remote working model due to the pandemic depending on an employees role. They said that this option to carry on working from home would be extended until at least December.

As the successful vaccination programme against COVID-19 is being rolled out the debate regarding vaccine passports is starting to heat up. With the use of vaccine passports being discussed, experts warn that a push for identity proofs and digital certificates risks excluding poorer and more vulnerable groups.

Other technology companies such as Microsoft Corp and Uber Technologies Inc, have started to reopen their office buildings for the first time in months since the COVID-19 pandemic forced their closure and the move to employees working from home.

Norwegian Cruise Line Holding Ltd has said that it will require all its crew and passengers to be vaccinated before it can start running cruises again. They are hoping that move, as well as other safety precautions, will mean U.S. health authorities lift the ban on cruise sailings in July.

Source: EconomicTimes