Intrepid Kevin Sheppard from Churchdown is preparing himself for the challenge of a lifetime with the support of the University of Gloucestershire

Kevin Sheppard, as ‘Team Sheppard’ is taking part in the Extreme Endurance Challenge 350 mile race to the magnetic North Pole in April 2010.  To prepare himself for the extreme condition he will face in the Arctic, Kevin is using the University’s environmental chamber, based at the Oxstalls campus in Gloucester.

Steve How, the sport and exercise laboratories director is planning to turn the temperature in the chamber down to a chilly -20ºc, whilst large fans added to the space will mimic the icy winds that Kevin will experience in the Arctic. 

“Kevin will exercise for over an hour in the chamber whilst we measure his heart rate, blood pressure, and core temperature, to ensure he doesn’t become hypothermic,” said Steve.

“We will also need to do a full lung function assessment, as it is known that cold dry air can have a negative impact on lung function in some individuals. 

“Kevin will also undertake a task to mimic something that he might need to undertake in the Arctic, such as lighting a stove.  We’ll also be monitoring his psychological state before, during and after the session to see how the cold affects his mood state.”

Kevin hopes to raise £30,000 by taking part in the Challenge to raise money for Winston’s Wish, the charity for bereaved children and their families. 

“This is a charity close to my heart, after losing my brother 26 years ago in a motorbike accident when I was only 13.  This devastated me and my family”, said Kevin.

“I want to inspire young children from all backgrounds to help achieve their own aspirational goals through Team Sheppard. I know if my brother Andrew was around today he would be immensely proud and this gives me great strength and determination to succeed.”

Kevin is undertaking a full calendar of events in preparation for the challenges.  More information can be found at

Source: The University of Gloucestershire