The University of Gloucestershire has joined Higher Education (HE) institutions from around the world in signing the Declaration on Higher Education Sustainability for Rio+20.

Twenty years since world leaders gathered in 1992 at the landmark Rio ‘Earth Summit’ and committed to addressing the world’s sustainability issues through national action and international collaboration, heads of state will gather again in Rio de Janeiro this June to assess the progress and secure renewed political commitment for sustainable development from both government and non-governmental organisations.

The Declaration, signed by the University of Gloucestershire Vice-Chancellor Stephen Marston, restates the important roles that universities and colleges have in progressing more sustainable futures. It outlines the commitments made by the HE sector in reducing its carbon footprint, educating for sustainability and engaging with communities of thinking and practice to resolve local to global issues.

Vice-Chancellor, Stephen Marston, said: “The University of Gloucestershire is committed to sustainable development, and for several years we have sought to reflect that commitment in all we do. It is built into our teaching and learning programmes, our research, and in the way we manage our operations. We have earned a reputation as one of the UK’s leading universities in this field. So we were pleased to sign the Rio+20 declaration to re-affirm our commitment to play our part in addressing the challenges of sustainability.”

The Declaration on Higher Education Sustainability can be viewed here. Universities across the world have signed up, including the University of Salford and Anglia Ruskin University from the UK to date.

Source: University of Gloucestershire