The University of Gloucestershire is launching a new programme of fast-track degrees for 2012.

Offering the same skills and qualifications as a regular degree, the new courses are an opportunity for students to finish their undergraduate studies within two years rather than three, or three years if your course offers a work placement option.

With the same curriculum, facilities and level of student support, the fast-track degree maximises the full year including June and July, traditionally part of the summer holidays. This could mean that students complete a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree within three years. The University is offering nine course options for 2012 entry with plans to extend the portfolio the following year.

Law has been successfully running as a fast-track course since 2008, and Paul Drake, Executive Director for External Relations at the University of Gloucestershire, said: “This is one of the most exciting developments at the University, developing course options which are responsive to the different needs of students, some of whom who want the full three year experience and others who may want to complete their studies in a more intensive way. Our highly successful two year Law degree has provided the model for this expansion of two year degrees. This development, together with a possible third year Masters at reduced cost, provides excellent value for career changers or young applicants who want to graduate sooner.”

The courses now available for 2012 entry are:
• Business Management
• Business Information Technology
• Computing
• Forensic Computing
• Interactive Games Design
• Law
• Multimedia Web Design
• Sports Education
• Sports Strength and Conditioning
For more information please contact the Recruitment and Guidance Team at [email protected] or visit

Source: University of Gloucestershire