The date is set for unique sale of Western art and antiques in Xiamen Freeport on Friday, 19th April 2013
Mallams and Chorley’s, both leading Fine Art Auctioneers in Gloucestershire, are existing members of The Society of Fine Art Auctioneers and are now pleased to announce their membership of a new body, Triple-A (Association of Accredited Auctioneers).

This new organisation has been formed by the leading provincial auctioneers across the UK with the aim of enabling Chinese buyers to access the UK art market.
There has been a well publicised boom in the market for Chinese antiques and it is felt that the demand for Western antiques in China is beginning to grow. Unfortunately until now the ability of Chinese buyers to take part in UK auctions has been hampered by linguistic and cultural differences. Triple-A aims to provide an easy channel through which Chinese buyers can access the provincial UK auction market and which will ensure continued
growth in this area.
Mallams (est 1788) and Chorley’s (formerly Bruton Knowles, est 1862) both enjoy an excellent reputation both locally and nationally and membership of Triple-A will allow both firms to continue to prosper well into the 21st Century.
Triple-A, founded in 2012 by 19 UK auctioneers to attract Chinese buyers, are to hold a ground-breaking auction of Western fine art and antiques in China. The sale of some 900 lots will be exhibited in Beijing and Shanghai prior to the auction in Xiamen Freeport on Friday 19th April 2013.
“The Triple-A sale will be a unique and ground-breaking event,” said Triple-A chairman Chris Ewbank. “Apart from a charity sale in the Forbidden City in 1988 and the auction of a single sculpture in September last year, participation by Western auctioneers in mainland Chinese auctions has been impossible. There has never been a sale of Western antiques and fine art of this magnitude in China”.

Simon Chorley of Chorley’s and Robin Fisher of Mallams

“The auction market in China is an emerging phenomenon and less than 20 years old and we have learned that the Chinese government is seeking to apply some Western practices in the evolution of their regulatory framework. The Triple-A auction will introduce Chinese buyers, first hand, to the enormous range of Western antiques and collectibles we deal with
on an everyday basis.”
The sale will be held in conjunction with a Chinese auctioneer and Epailive, Asia’s only online live bidding portal. They will promote the event directly to more than 100,000 registered members and printed catalogues translated into Chinese will also be published online.
More significantly, an escrow and foreign exchange licencing system – operated independently of Epailive – guarantees payments are made by successful bidders and can be transmitted in sterling without delays. On registering to bid in a sale, bidders are contractually required to commit funds to cover their purchases. This money is accessible to the auctioneer following the sale within 48 hours of the fall of the hammer.
The auction will feature Western antiques at inclusive price levels. Clocks and Watches,Silver, Jewellery, Pictures, to include Contemporary Art, Furniture and Works of Art and Collectors’ items will be sourced by Triple-A members and shipped to the Freeport in time for the official launch of Triple-A at the British Embassy in Beijing on Friday, 12th April.
Plans for the auction were laid during a six-day visit to China by Triple-A founder members who manned an exhibition stand at the Beijing International Art Fair in December. The fair attracted 50,000 visitors, including the deputy mayor of Beijing and his entourage, who stopped to speak to Triple-A members in person.
In addition to distributing promotional literature and catalogues, members gave presentations on Western Antiques and Clocks, English Furniture, Jewellery and Silver to a packed room of local collectors and dealers.
The lectures, streamed live to Epailive’s online audience, were complemented by a forum discussion involving Chris Ewbank, Stephan Ludwig and Jeremy Lamond and members of state government and the Chinese art trade aimed at creating greater understanding of Triple-A and its place in the Chinese market.
Said Jeremy Lamond: “In 2011, the Chinese Ministry of Culture estimated the Chinese art market to be worth $33 billion. Links established between Triple-A and representatives of this market, largely facilitated by Epailive, have given Triple-A members a significant competitive advantage over other auctioneers acting alone. The visit underlined the importance of Triple-A’s continuing alliance with Epailive to enter and exploit this increasingly important market.”
Epailive was founded in Beijing by Oxford graduate Dr QiQi Jiang and is supported by the Chinese government in bringing greater transparency to the domestic market. The live bidding portal operates in both Mandarin and English.
She said: “The cachet of owning a piece of international history is becoming a more commonplace desire among Chinese collectors, and an integral part of satisfying this appetite is achieved by purchasing directly from abroad. It is key that the relatively inexperienced Chinese consumers are guided to buy from the most reputable sources.”

Triple-A was founded following Chris Ewbank’s trip to China with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors to attend a round table meeting with China’s art and antiques auction and valuation professionals. As a not for profit organisation, its aim is to provide an easy channel for Chinese buyers to access UK provincial auction markets and to provide solutions to problems including language, payment and shipping, through guaranteed reputable professional UK provincial auction houses. Triple-A represents the highest level of standards and service in the profession, jealously guarding its accreditation standards with a rigid code of practice to which all members must adhere.
The 21 auctioneers and representatives of Triple-A are as follows:
Anderson & Garland (Tyne & Wear) – Andrew McCoull
Baldwins (London) – Seth Freeman*
Bearnes Hampton & Littlewood (West Country) – Chris Hampton
The Canterbury Auction Galleries (Kent) – Tony Pratt
Cheffins (Cambridgeshire) – Martin Millard*
Chorley’s (Gloucester) – Simon Chorley
Dreweatts/Bloomsbury (Berkshire/London) – Stephan Ludwig*
Ewbank’s (Surrey) – Chris Ewbank*
Fellows (Midlands) – Stephen Whittaker
Gorringes (Sussex) – Clifford Lansberry
Halls (Shropshire) – Jeremy Lamond*
Hartleys West Yorkshire) – Andrew Hartley
Lawrences of Crewkerne (Somerset) – Helen Carless*
Lyon & Turnbull (Edinburgh) – Paul Roberts
MacDougall’s (London) – William MacDougall
Mallams (Oxfordshire/Gloucestershire) – Robin Fisher
McTear’s (Glasgow) – Brian Clements
Peter Wilson (Cheshire) – Robert Stones
Roseberys (London) – Ian Cadzow
Sworders (Essex) – Guy Schooling*
Toovey’s (Sussex) – Rupert Toovey
• *Denotes committee member

For further information please contact Simon Chorley of Chorley’s on 01452 344499 or Robin Fisher of Mallams on 01242 235712

Source: IONA PR