Nine UK water-company bosses” received a combined £15.1m in pay and bonuses last year, even as the number of times their firms pumped raw sewage into seas and rivers rose by 37 percent, say Andrew Kersley and Nick Sommerlad in the Daily Mirror.

On average, bosses took home nearly £1.7m each, while their salaries typically rose by 27 percent on the previous year.

None took a pay cut, despite the outcry over pollution.

Together, the nine companies made almost £2.8bn in profits in 2021, and four firms among the six worst polluters paid £776m in dividends to shareholders. Steve Mogford, CEO of United Utilities, and Seven Trent’s boss, Liv Garfield, were the two biggest earners, having been paid £2.9m and £2.8m. According to the Water Services Regulation Authority, their companies missed sewer leaks targets and discharged more hours’ worth of sewage than any other firm in 2020.

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