Uber has apologized for charging a passenger $600 after his driver was stranded on Interstate 95 for hours due to a recent blizzard. On Monday, hundreds of vehicles and drivers including amazon driver were stranded on a stretch of roadway in Virginia. Andrew Peters, of Richmond, was returning from San Francisco when he caught an uber driver from Dulles International Airport and became stranded on the highway on the way back.

It took Peters nine hours to get home finally, ABC 7 News reported. “It was kind of scary,” Peters said. “We didn’t have any food or water.” He stated that Uber jobs tacked on an extra $400 after paying a $200 fare. According to an Uber statement, Peters will be repaid the additional $400 price.

We have refunded Mr. Peters after this terrible ordeal and are so glad that he and his Uber driver got home safely,” according to the statement, which added that the driver’s pay will not be affected by the refund.

Uber warned on their website that “heavy traffic may cause your trip to take longer than expected and to compensate your driver jobs for the additional time, your fare may change.”

After the accident wreckage obstructing the route was cleared, the I-95 segment reopened Tuesday evening.

Source: Washington Examiner

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