Twitter lawyers will question Elon Musk under oath as part of the ongoing dispute over their $44 billion takeover deal.

A court filing suggests the Delaware court deposition might take up to three days from Monday, September 26.

In the following days, the company’s lawyers will also testify to Musk’s lieutenant Jared Birchall and lawyer Alex Spiro.


The deposition plans come as Twitter co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey is poised to be deposed by Twitter and Musk lawyers on Tuesday.

The new depositions are the recent indication that Musk and Twitter’s legal war is intensifying.

Peiter Zatko, Twitter’s former head of security who became a whistleblower, was also scheduled give evidence earlier this month.

Zatko has accused the company of major security flaws that risk its users, investors, and US national security.

The judge presiding over the takeover dispute has determined that Musk may expand his claims in light of Zatko’s disclosure.

Twitter said Zatko’s accusations depict a “false narrative” of the firm, while Musk’s allegations are “factually inaccurate, legally insufficient, and commercially irrelevant.”

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Musk tried to cancel the agreement in July, citing allegations that the firm overstated the number of fraudulent and spam accounts on its platform.

Twitter promptly sued Musk for failing to accept the agreement.

Musk claims he canceled the deal due to worries about Twitter’s representations over bots and user numbers on its platform and cited Zatko’s charges afterward.

Yet, Twitter charges him with leveraging such concerns as an excuse to back out of a deal in which he felt buyer’s remorse after the market sank soon after the deal was made.

Twitter has also subpoenaed Musk and some of his associates as part of its investigation.

A five-day trial between the two parties is scheduled to start on October 17.

Source: CNN

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