Hundreds of light industrial positions are available in the Triangle’s manufacturing and logistics industries, and a hiring agency expects to fill them this week during a job fair. 

According to Hire Dynamics, at least 400 seasonal warehouse and distribution center jobs are needed, a staffing agency with offices throughout the Southeast. Companies that focus on e-commerce and are gearing up for the hectic Christmas season pay roughly $15 to $17 an hour for these positions. 

On September 14 and 15, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Hire Dynamics will host a “Hire Palooza” event. It will take place at 5036 One World Way in Wake Forest, at The Body Shop’s distribution center for beauty and skincare jobs

Job seekers can also attend the job fair at the Hire Dynamics locations in Raleigh at 6568 Glenwood Ave. and in Durham at 5410 N.C. 55, Suite AE. 

The firm stated that hiring would continue after the job fair. Job seekers can come up to the outdoor hiring event on foot or by car. allows you to schedule a job screening appointment in advance. They can also register ahead of time via the Hire Dynamics smartphone app. 

The Body Shop, whose Wake Forest facility distributes its products across the United States, has the majority of open positions. According to the firm, pick packer, machine operator jobs, forklift driver, and shift operator opportunities are available. Sam’s Club, Lotus Bakeries, Millenium Print Group, and Ottendorf Laboratories are among the organizations hiring. 

Seasonal jobs for the hiring event are up to 12 weeks long with 40 hours or more of weekly work, with the possibility of full-time employment. 

According to the firm, over 2,000 applicants sought positions during last year’s job fair. According to The News & Observer, the job market has been challenging, and staffing businesses like Hire Dynamics have struggled to fill positions in the area for a variety of reasons. 

In an interview, chief operating officer Jon Neff said that about half of Hire Dynamics’ clients had upped their wages this year to be more competitive. 

The Body Shop claims to employ an “inclusive employment” policy that excludes background checks and drug tests. Workers need to meet three conditions to be hired: they must be authorized to work in the United States, they must be able to stand for up to eight hours, and they must be able to lift more than 50 pounds. 

The Body shops’ strategy has helped lower staff turnover and reaches more talent, the company said. Since it began the “open hiring” practice in 2019, it reduced turnover by 60% from the previous year. 

In this notion of ‘second chance’ hiring, the screening process with background checks and drug tests have been eliminated to make it easier for talent to work with Hire Dynamics and The Body Shop,” said Neff. “Hiring is not getting any easier. The slowness of employees heading back into the market… there will continue to be constraints. It’s about ‘How do I think differently about how I engage and acquire talent?’” 

Although Hire Dynamics’ other clients in the Triangle do not have the same open screening procedure, Neff believes that this technique “without a doubt” offers promise for filling essential roles for The Body Shop. However, the firm collaborates with its other clients to ensure seamless hiring processes and efforts to retain employees. 

Source: Raleigh News & Observer