Some positive news to finish the week. Travel Weekly reports that over 110 million travel and tourism jobs will return this coming year

This coming summer is expected to be a strong bounce back for the travel industry starting in March. The biggest travel companies report a rise in holiday bookings.

World Travel & Tourism Council reported that over 170 million jobs around the world were at risk because of the pandemic. The organisation predicts that more than 110 million of those jobs could remain safe.

Vaccination programmes are one of the main factors that would affect this as well as testing and tracing regimes. These require both private and public sectors to implement them to achieve a greater success.

A more stringent approach to those forecasts reports that we would see only 84 million jobs, which is still 25% less than in 2019. This approach also indicates that the recovery would be in full swing in the second half of the year. Even though the above is a very positive result, GDP contribution by the sector would fall by whopping 17%.

Travel industry has been hit massively by the pandemic and we know why, closed borders and stringent rules on arriving in some countries and and self-isolation rules often mean that holiday makes do not want to get involved with this stressful procedure when all they want to do is to rest and relax.

This could open the doors to incomplacency on following the safety rules.

We are on the journey to recovery and the road is long, right now vaccines are our saving grace both in the UK and US. This is not an ultimate solution on which we could rest. We must continue testing on departure and arrival and follow the safety guidelines.