It is fair to say that 2020 has been something of an unusual year. The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has created upset under and stress everywhere. One area that has come considerable pressure is the employment market. With many people simply unable to work because their place of work is closed, and the financial strain placed on companies we have seen high levels of job losses (UK and globally). Furlough provided relief for some people, but this is now starting to come to an end. As employees start to discover their new fate, it is clear there are still large unemployment figures emerging as the full impact of lockdown and subsequent restrictions comes to light. 

What high street?

The internet has become the new high street and for most people, gone are the days of wandering down to the local jobcentre or your local Reed employment to check the latest offerings. Instead, we turn to search engines and many job-specific sites where you can learn more about the newest opportunities in your area. If you have found yourself needing a new role and been searching for the best jobs site, you will understand how hard it can be to make sense of the many different companies all offering to find you work.

Job search during a pandemic

During Corona, some companies have gone above and beyond to ensure that they are working hard to hold their position as a top ten job search website. The list below may have changed somewhat compared to the beginning of the year, but that was before everything went crazy with lockdowns and mass unemployment in industries such as retail and hospitality.

What makes a good job search website?

We believe the best job sites are those that can easily answer this simple question: What are the latest jobs near me? As a job seeker right now, you will know that this is the bottom line.

So, here is the top ten job search websites in the UK, during COVID-19 regulations, for what remains of 2020 and going into 2021. 











Why are these the preferred choice?

The basic premise of a good job website is a large database that identifies new opportunities in your area. All of the above job websites are completely free to browse which we believe gives them an edge as some sites will charge an enrolment fee before you can see the jobs and apply for them. Many sites make their money from employers and do not pass any cost back to prospective employees and this was a big factor for us when we ranked each of the above.

Are these sites easy to use?

Each site will have its criteria for application but generally, you will follow a link where you can upload your CV and a covering letter in much the same way as you would apply for a job anywhere these days. Some job websites offer other services such as CV writing, skill training & development courses to help applicants make the most of their abilities.

It can be very difficult for people to find a job right now but we are hoping you will make the most of the list above. Good luck!