The year 2020 has experienced an upside-down world because of a pandemic that has impacted Ireland. Irish organisations have had tough times due to not having the option to run their business normally, which has had a major impact on recruitment and available vacancies.

Irish employment misfortunes are overflowing with numerous small-scale enterprises struggling despite government help. Losing your job or facing unemployment is greatly distressing. With no quick solution to the COVID-19 emergency, the Irish jobs market outlook’s complete effect is yet to be determined. On the other hand, there are still plenty of vacancies in Ireland; you have to know where to look.

Work From Home Jobs that fully utilise the Internet to sell and deliver services is expanding big time. In fact, when we checked what type of jobs people can do from their own living room, it becomes clear that the world has changed.

When it comes to job search, everything has moved online instead of searching in the local town. There is an abundance of websites that can help you find the right job. There are numerous job sites, and hence it can be hard to decide where to begin, which is why we have carefully made a list of The Top 10 Irish Job Sites that will definitely help you find a local job in 2021 post-pandemic Ireland.

Another thriving Irish job site is GrabJobs.

GrabJobs is an impressive, mobile-first job search platform that helps employers automate candidate sourcing, screening, and interviewing.

This site is currently used by over 10 million job seekers from all over the world, including those searching for employment in Ireland.

More than 20,000 different companies post job ads on GrabJobs, too, so there are tons of options for people looking for work in Ireland to choose from. 

GrabJobs allows users to post to multiple job boards at once, for free. With just one click, you can publish ads on more than 20 different boards.”

When searching for a job, the most common thought is: How can I find a job that suits me the best? And the answer would be: Find the right job search site. A job search site’s primary goal is to gather all the job opportunities and make them available for the job seekers based on their location, experience, and preferences.

Here is the list of websites for 2021 based on our ranking:


What makes a job search website stand out?

While it’s a struggle, some organizations consistently attempt to go well beyond guaranteeing that their customers are taken care of in any event. The order in the list has changed to some extent compared to the beginning of this year. We trust those higher up the list have invested more energy during this pandemic to guarantee their users can find their dream job without any hassle.

Although different job search websites make use of different algorithms to show more relevant job opportunities and follow different models to run their business, some of them will have an extra edge in helping the candidates to find their career, which includes, but not limited to, narrowing down the search results to match individual’s profile, offering the job search service completely free of cost, providing a user-friendly website and so on.

As the world is advancing, some job websites cater to additional services like CV writing, Interview Training and offering courses for updating the skills, which increases the chances of employment. You may find repeated job ads for the same role as you browse through multiple job search sites, but it’s always beneficial for you to use several sites so that you do not miss any job opportunities around you!