The police followed a lead and raided a Cannabis farm worth more than £100,000 in Cotswold.

A cannabis farm located in Upper Rissington was discovered by a local resident. After receiving the word, police dismantled and seized the farm when over 140 Cannabis plants were found. 

The Cotswold Police team reported approximately £123,000 worth of Cannabis plants. Consequently, the property located on Hawker Square was shut down.

A local resident happened to come across a strong smell of Cannabis. The police were contacted at 11:50 am, Sunday, 27 September, soon after the suspicion grew.

The local police officers followed the lead and discovered the cannabis grow. The suspect, a 23 year old man was taken into custody by the authorities over a hunch. The man was arrested on suspicion for a Class B drug supply after the farm investigation.

The four neighborhood police officers – Richie Webb, Charlie Symes, and Andie Baker acted on the Intel that led them to a residential property in Upper Rissington on Sunday. 

This is not the first time Cannabis plantation has been spotted by the Gloucestershire Constabulary. On August 04, 2020, police received word about a strong smell from the Lydney trading estate in Gloucestershire. 

The landowner of the unity said the electricity bills have soared. On investigation, a huge Cannabis factory with over 350 plants were discovered. Two beds were found inside the rented unit which explains the surge in electricity bills. 

No arrests were made, but the beds indicated there were people living in the unit tending to the plants. The police along with electricians managed to make the premises safe. 

The investigation concluded in raiding the property and dismantling the factory. 

Similarly, another story along the lines of Cannabis discovery was reported in April 2020. A wife discovered cannabis plants worth £49,000 in the attic in the house in Wotton on 11 February 2020. 

The husband, Scott Brown, dad of three, was growing Cannabis was taken into custody and imprisoned for 14 months. After four days, he threatened his wife, Chloe Griggs, with a knife and said he would take her down if she reported him to the police.

The teenage daughter screamed and ran down the stairs while Mr. Brown was laughing. The court ordered rehabilitation and 150 hours of unpaid work in addition to 14 months imprisonment and two years of suspension.

Moreover, in February 2020, 10 addresses were raided in Crawley when 1,400 Cannabis plants were found at the locations. 

Although restricted as illegal drugs, Cannabis is still grown at large in the U.K. This is because it is the largest exporter of legal Cannabis in the world.

In fact, production of cannabis entered the industrial sector with a legal grant in January 2019. However, the illegal Cannabis production still remains uncontrolled.

With that said, in Cotswold alone, several reports have been filed since 2019. Most of the suspects are usually unemployed or in their thirties. 

Therefore, following the recent raid on Cannabis production in September 2020, the police want people to remain alert and report any drug activity by calling 101.

If you wish to remain anonymous, you can also call Crimestoppers at 0800555111 to report drug activity and illegal actions.