Three US states have filed a lawsuit against Google accusing the company of an “obvious infringement of consumers’ privacy.”

Texas, Indiana and the District of Columbia are suing the tech giant and say Google misled consumers into believing that adjusting their account and device settings would protect their privacy.

A statement from the office of Washington DC. Attorney General Karl Racine said Google continues to survey its users and profit from their data.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton also accuses Google of misleading its customers by continuing to track their location – even when they requested the company not to.

A statement from Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson said: “Google’s ad business relies heavily on location data.

“As a result, it has a monetary incentive to persuade users not to deny data access.”

Arizona filed a similar complaint against Google in May 2020, alleging that the company was collecting user location data.

That case is still pending.

Google official Jose Castaneda said: “Attorneys general are launching a case based on false and outdated statements about our settings.

“We’ve always included privacy features and strong controls for location data in our products. We will adamantly defend ourselves and correct the record.”

Google has its headquarters at the Googleplex in California and employs 139,995 people around the world.

Source: Reuters

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