Not everyone is good at their job, and sadly, that means problems.

Would you trust a general that walked his whole army into a trap? Or a Formula One driver who keeps crashing?

No, you wouldn’t.

Here are three extreme examples of people who might not be the best at their chosen profession.


Captain Calamity

Sailing is a dangerous job, with over 65,000 shipwrecks estimated to lie at the bottom of the ocean around North America.

But Stuart Hill, also known as “Captain Calamity,” stubbornly refuses to acknowledge this.

Hill hails from the Shetland Islands and has developed a reputation for being a bit clumsy.

He made the headlines when he had to be rescued while trying to circumnavigate Britain in a recycled rowboat.

He was rescued on seven occasions during this single voyage.

A few years later he had to be rescued again while trying to sail a homemade boat on wild seas.

This led to him being nicknamed “Captain Calamity.”

He also argues his tiny island in the Shetlands is an independent nation.

Unfortunately, the UK government does not agree and has penalized him for driving an unregistered van he says is his official vehicle.

Pastor Maldonado

In Pastor Maldonado’s defence, driving a Formula One car is incredibly difficult and even reaching the level is something most people could only dream of.

Nonetheless, someone has to be the most penalized driver, and Maldonado has that honor.

The Venezuelan driver is also banned from racing on the word-famous track in Monaco after he disregarded a yellow flag and hit a marshal.

His father had to pay the marshal’s medical bills.

Despite the penalties, he does hold a single win, coming first in the Spanish Grand Prix in 2012.

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General John Pope

General John Pope was a commander for Union forces during the Civil War.

Pope was an unashamed self-promoter, direct and insolent which got Abraham Lincoln’s attention.

However, those same qualities earned the Pope the hatred of many.

Although he oversaw a strong force, he wasn’t a good strategist and walked into a Confederate trap.

Generals Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and James Longstreet attacked his army while cutting off supply lines.

Due to this, the Second Battle of Bull Run was a significant Union defeat, with Pope’s army having more than 13,000 casualties.

General Pope was fired after this, but he held smaller military posts throughout the war.

He would not once take the blame for the loss at Bull Run and claimed that his officers had plotted against him.

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