Despite the shattering situation in the global job market, there is still a lot of hope on the horizon for a post-Brexit Britain’s ambitions to create new jobs for young people.

According to a national report, many companies are starting to create new openings once the lockdown has been lifted. Greater Manchester Police and the HS2 rail project are some of the major recruiters planning to start their hiring process very soon.

Telecoms giant BT Group has announced that they will hire 199 graduates and 229 apprentices through a new recruitment drive they hope to conclude by September 2021. Most of the roles are for cybersecurity or customer service agents.

Another report shows that Thames Water is planning to hire 1,000 plus people this year. A Thames Water’s spokesperson has also revealed that the company will triple this opportunity by 2025. BAE Systems is looking to hire 1,250 trainees and 400 graduates this year. BAE are specifically looking for applicants from the IT sector. Jaguar Land Rover is also aiming to appoint more than 300 apprentices. Graduate and undergraduate candidates will join the company in September 2021 to be trained in various manufacturing, marketing and finance positions.

Additionally, the UK Government is also planning to start a teacher training program for various subjects. This sector has recently been handed a huge financial aid package specifically aimed at the government’s training and scholarship program. Further Gov funding has also been pumped into the UK’s healthcare sector, with intake levels at around 2,000 new starters being projected. Also, Prince’s Trust is offering free courses to enable young people (aged between 18-30 years old) to prepare them for healthcare-related roles.