March is Women’s History Month, and the 8th is International Women’s Day — 24 hours devoted to the extraordinary women who’ve paved the way for triumph and our independence today.

However, women contribute economically, socially, politically, and culturally every day of the year.

To recognize their accomplishments and help the women in need, some fashion brands decide to give back to women all year round — not just for promotional value.


These brands show the small but valuable ways you can offer your support for women exceeding the month of March. 

From online retailers to well-known designer brands, we’ve highlighted five brands playing their part for women, all 12 months of the year.


Luxury French fashion house Chanel founded its charitable basis in 2011. 

Foundation Chanel is devoted to the approval of women’s needs, despite the variety of their demanding environments.

The foundation persists in forming partnerships with causes across the globe, including the HER Fund in Hong Kong, New York Women’s Foundation, Working Chance in the United Kingdom, Daughters of Tomorrow in Singapore, and more, giving its expertise to enhance the social and economic conditions of women.

Jimmy Choo

In 2011, the Jimmy Choo Foundation was founded in the hope that, through enterprise and teaching, the brand could help better women’s lives.

Back in the day, the foundation partnered with further causes, such as CARE’s global anti-poverty initiative.

Through CARE’s branch and LendWithCare, the duo helped the investments of approximately 1,600 female entrepreneurs and around 3,000 members of their families.

Today, the foundation has a continuous collaboration with Women for Women International that involves yearly donations, brand activations, and employee engagements in aid of the #SheInspiresMe movement.


THINX is a period underwear brand that launched its GiveRise program to promote menstrual equity and easy access to menstrual hygiene products.

Through its endeavor, the brand has paired up with causes like Safe Horizon, Girls Inc., and the Alliance of Border Collaboratives to make essential menstrual hygiene available to those in need.

Princess Polly

Princess Polly, an online retailer, is giving out more than discounts.

The fast-fashion brand is admiringly charitable and has a list of organizations and causes to which it often donates.

These include Dress for Success, which helps sponsor women looking for employment, and The Loveland Foundation, which helps women and girls of color.

Uncommon James

Founder, Kristin Cavallari, is a mom of three who, while conquering her entrepreneurial goals, puts her children first.

To give back to other moms in need, Uncommon James and Little James have a continuous partnership with Mother to Mother.

Mother to Mother is a non-profit organization supporting mothers with low incomes and children.

They have donated thousands of clothes to the cause.

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