If you’re familiar with Dragon’s Den then you are aware there have been some questionable products bought on the show.

We have managed to scoop out the worst of the worst of the popular show on BBC1.

Flow Signals

Derek Cozens came in confidently seeking a £50,000 investment in his electronic traffic lights business, in exchange for a 10 percent stake.

Almost instantly, the Dragons said that it was a bad idea and would distract drivers.

They also said it would make roads more dangerous rather than helping.

He was told his idea the worst invention bought in the den by the Dragons, who pleaded Derek not to continue with his project.

Peter Jones said: “Do not spend one more pound trying to push this into the market place. This is ridiculous.”



Business partners Jill and Claire also produced one of the worst pitches on Dragons’ Den UK.

Their business idea was essentially a range of wearable unique symbols for single people.

They compared it to how a wedding ring shows that you are married – a Tingotang can show that you are single.

Deborah Meaden was that first to share her dislike of their idea.

Peter Jones swiftly followed and branded it “embarrassing.”

As you can guess, their bid for a crazy £100,000 investment was immediately turned down by the Dragons.

Direct Wholesale

Entrepreneur Faheem Badul came into the den aiming to get funds for his franchise restaurant and food business.

However, he left empty handed due to his disastrous pitch.

From the start it was difficult to follow and understand his pitch.

Faheem didn’t even bother to address the their concerns and got too caught up in his pitch that he didn’t even say the amount of investment he was seeking or the percentage of equity he was looking to share.

The more his pitch progressed the more confusing it got.

So eventually, the Dragons couldn’t handle it and were all out.


This pitch was so bad it actually had the Dragons crying with laughter.

Entrepreneur Peter, came into the den looking for a £75,000 investment for a living room chair that would transform into a gym.

Not only did this invention sound absurd and unnecessary, but Peter was also unable to demonstrate how he was planning on making money from this business.

In the end, he wasn’t able to convince the Dragons that his product would sell.

Therefore, his pitch was rejected.


Marco is founder of a pre-prepared meal delivery business.

He also delivered one of the worst pitches in the show’s history.

He began by saying that his brand was trademarked.

But soon, Deborah uncovered that he had merely applied for a patent, and it hadn’t been confirmed.

When you want people to put money into your idea, the last thing you want to do is lie in your pitch or attempt to mislead your audience.

Unfortunately that is exactly what Marco was guilty of, leading to him leaving the den without a deal.

Goodbye My Pet

This one was definitely top of the list for bizarre.

Entrepreneur Debbie came into the den requesting £50,000 worth of investment for her business.

She sold burial packs for pets.

As soon as she finished talking, Deborah Meaden pointed out that vets provide a box for free anyway, which started to unravel her pitch.

She wasn’t unable to explain what would happen if someone copied her idea.

That was the final nail in the coffin for her pitch.

Also, she didn’t prepare to answer any questions so that was her biggest undoing; that and her unrealistic business model.


This was an invention by Ben Drury.

By the Dragons, it was seen as yet another uneccesary product.

This product was made with the intention of it teaching children to tie their shoelaces.

However, when the Dragons tried to use it, they found it to be very difficult.

The main issue was that if an adult can’t use the product then how can a child?

The product was even more of a hassle to use as compared to tying your shoelace as you normally would, and the pitch was unsuccessful.

Phoney Box

This was an invention by Andrew Peters who came in seeking an investment of £100,000 to develop it.

Essentially, it was a full-size wooden replica of a classic British red telephone box that could be put anywhere just like the full-size cast-iron original telephone box.

The Dragons were confused about the use of the product, the idea behind it and just overall thought it was unnecceasry.

Andrew wasn’t able to answer these questions.

You need to ensure you have a product that makes sense and is needed and this is one area where Andrew failed badly.


This was was definitely bizarre.

The idea Rupert Evans had was to help you to fold the perfect crease in your paper…yes strange.

It had Dragons shaking their heads in disbelief.

The invention was meant to prevent anyone suffering paper cuts and friction burns, allowing you to fold your paper efficiently and quickly.

None of the Dragons were impressed.

They were left even more shocked when Rupert asked for £40,000 in investment.

At that point all the Dragons walked away from the deal.

The nervous ‘disconcerning home professional’ pitch

This was by far the worst Dragons’ Den UK pitch in series 3.

It was in fact so bad, nobody could even tell the product was.

The only thing the Dragons could make out of his pitch was that his product was meant for the ‘disconcerning home professional’ – yes we are unsure who that is too.

Unfortunately, Nick was extremely nervous leading to him stammering and stumbling through his pitch.

The audience probably felt sorry for him, the Dragons didn’t and he walked out of the den without a deal.

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