Ever wondered what the most popular jobs are in the USA? In July 2022, job search engine WhatJobs.com wanted to know their top job search queries to enable their marketing team to offer a better service for their users. Working alongside Natalia Seweryn of CareerScience.Org, the project was a momentous task consisting of compiling thousands of data sets to come up with the answer.

The data behind the science

  • 4,000 locations across the United States
  • 20 million companies with live vacancies
  • 10.5 million job ads reviewed
  • 7,000 skillsets analyzed
  • 1,000 universities were contacted for feedback
  • 1 million salary data points considered
  • Official Government reports were read
  • Research networks were contacted
  • 200 Job boards¬†provided vacancy data
  • 150 trade publications scanned
  • 5 million candidate resumes searched

What were the results?

The list below includes jobs from all industry sectors (such as finance, accounting, IT, retail, healthcare, etc.) and is in no particular order.

Although this list looks extensive, the most common jobs in the United States seem to be centered around several major employers such as Amazon, Walmart, USPS, and Dominos, providing considerable driving and logistics jobs. Other more generic searches show that home-based jobs are also prevalent. Perhaps one of the biggest surprises on the list was jobs for 15 year olds.

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Kris Paterson is a writer for WhatJobs.com