Couples with a love of the ocean can now celebrate their special day 200 meters under the sea, thanks to an innovative new company.

U-Boat Worx, based in Denmark, has launched a new class of submarine, which can host a range of unique events, including weddings.


What is it?

The “Under Water Entertainment Platform” is an entirely self-supported submersible.

It holds a maximum capacity of 120 guests, not including the crew.

Visitors will be able to dive down up to 200 meters in class and comfort.

You can freely walk around just as you would on a regular cruise ship.

The experience

The operator has over 150 m2 of floor space to play around with, varying from a subsea gym, a deep-sea casino, or an underwater restaurant with 64 seats.

As a multi-purpose venue, it will therefore be prepared to host various events such as parties, product presentations, conferences, weddings, or any different stage-based performances, in the most extraordinary location possible.

What the underwater restaurant could look like. Credit: U-Boat Worx

What do the bosses say?

“The UWEP will shake up both the submarine and hospitality industry and lead the way in bespoke underwater events. We will not only present a stellar experience for the most discerning clientele, but also a business opportunity that will benefit entrepreneurs and contribute to our understanding of the oceans.“

Founder and CEO of U-Boat Worx, Bert Houtman.

“Our goal as a company has always been to make the oceans more accessible for everyone, and with the launch of our UWEP we can truly say that U-Boat Worx provides ‘your gateway to discovery’.

Roy Heijdra, Marketing Manager for U-Boat Worx.

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