It can be easy to forget when we come home from work at the end of the day that there is always someone somewhere in the world that is suffering. That simple action of opening the front door and sitting down on the sofa will be considered by millions of people worldwide an absolute luxury that they can only dream about. We may still have money worries, bills, and debt but for many women in the Indian City of Bangalore, the plight of female poverty and homelessness is very real and in order to survive many are forced to work in the sex trade.

This is where the Aastha Parivaar charity comes in where it is their mission to empower and unite these women with resources for health, dignity, and pride. It can be too easy for these poor woman to suffer discrimination and stigmatisation, but the fact remains for some, being a sex worker is the only option for survival.

Charity Support

UK job search engine WhatJobs supports a range of charities globally and has been able to make a donation to Aastha charity to further their work to help women who must endure this plight. Upon talking about his experience in the City of Bangalore, India, Alexander Paterson, Global CEO of WHATJOBS? had this to say ” Our gift of £10,000 will be used for a range of key functions to help the charity support women in poverty and also promote the excellent work of Aastha in order to bring in more donations. After spending several months in Bengaluru I felt it was our duty as a local business being served well by the city to give something back. We would love to have helped more and we can only pray that the little support we produced will help as many vulnerable woman and children as possible”.

Education Bringing New Hope

As well as providing HIV testing and more to protect vulnerable female sex workers, the charity also has an alternative livelihoods programme which helps women develop their skills and create in their words ‘a self-sustaining method income generation‘. This comes in the form of education and courses to teach practical skills of making and creating products to sell and management skills in order to run their own small business. Over the duration of the programme so far, they have been able to teach chocolate making, jewellery crafting and lantern making as well as skills in tailoring, beautician work and self management. With this level of empowerment, more women will be able to leave the sex trade behind which will provide them with a safer, more secure lifestyle and finances with which to provide for themselves and their children.

Finding New Opportunities

Poverty is a global issue, and the work of this charity has been vital and made such an impact on the lives of those involved. Generous donations by businesses such as WhatJobs India are making a real difference when making such donations. Alex Paterson continued “In order that the charity can further their work and reach out to more women who would benefit from our assistance we are looking into options on how we can work more closely with Aastha throughout 2021These women are human beings and through no fault of their own many of them have found themselves in poverty and homelessness situations. Our mission at WhatJobs is to help people find new jobs and opportunities, and the work of this charity is certainly not a million miles away from our own goals. We are thrilled to be able to support them”.

If you would like to find out more about the charity and learn how you can support them, you will find all the information you need on their website at