A new title by Northampton Author -Malcolm Deacon. Book launch at Northampton Museum and Art Gallery, Guildhall Road, Northampton on Sunday 21st September 2008 from 2pm – 4pm.
No-one gave Queen Elizabeth I more faithful and devoted service than Sir Christopher Hatton; yet he has been largely ignored by historians and unfairly dismissed by early biographers. The myth of him as “the dancing chancellor” still persists, the details of his life relatively unknown.

Hatton and the Queen had a unique relationship; it was different in kind to those of the more prominent Lord Burghley, Sir Francis Walsingham and Robert Dudley (Earl of Leicester), yet distinct in its own closeness and significance. When Hatton lay dying it was Elizabeth who came to comfort him, even feeding him by her own hand. The author outlines Hatton’s life in the context of Elizabethan England and his native Northamptonshire: his devotion to the Queen both as a monarch and as a woman; his love of pageantry and building ventures; his patronage of the arts and explorers like Sir Francis Drake; his involvement in the trials of various conspirators and the Queen of Scots; his loyalty, especially in the crisis year of 1588, and his influence in Parliament.

The well-researched detail of this volume vividly opens up the Elizabethan world from the perspective of one man who quietly remained at the hub of the stirring events and developments of a remarkable period in English history. This is a scholarly yet eminently readable study which will make the name and life of Sir Christopher Hatton better known and appreciated.

ISBN 978-0-9523188-4-2. A5. 256 pp. 50 b/w illustrations. Price £12.95 available through all booksellers, from all libraries in Northamptonshire, directly from Park Lane Publishing, or online through CPI Book Delivery.

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Presentation/lecture on Sir Christopher Hatton available to groups.

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