26th March, 6.15pm start

Pittville Studios campus, Albert Road, Cheltenham GL52 3JG

Artist in Residence at Gloucester Cathedral

from Macedonia, a country where 60 – 70% of the land is forest, the
immediacy of nature is a significant element of Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva’s
working practice. Her work attempts to expose the relationships between
human and naturally occurring landscapes.  Most of Hadzi-Vasileva’s
professional training has taken place in the UK – graduating from the
GSA, Glasgow in 1996 and the RCA, London in 1998.

'Bad Hair Day' 2008: 2008, Omasum & Metal, 52 x 50 x 50 cm‘Bad Hair Day’ 2008: 2008, Omasum & Metal, 52 x 50 x 50 cmHadzi-Vasileva develops profound works which
resonate with the particular place, interior or exterior. This
stimulates the development of new methods using unusual materials which
are linked to the specific environment (e.g. butter, fish skins,
chicken skins, rice, trees, fir cones, watercress etc.). New methods
and procedures for each work, while challenging and occasionally highly
risky, encourage Elpida to propel ideas forward into new avenues and
opportunities and also offers the opportunity for surprise and
astonishment both to herself and the audience.

Underlying all of Hadzi-Vasileva’s practice is an
interest in exposing spaces which are not normally encountered. This
concern with space, including light, darkness, colour, texture and
smell has produced a series of works that explore their symbolic nature
and intimacy whilst also attempting to delineate the integral nature of
their relationship.

The lecture is open to all, but places must be reserved in advance by contacting Jayne Sedgwick on 01242 715016 or emailing [email protected]

Source: University of Gloucestershire