Monday 7th April – Local author Susan Hill’s first book for children for some years – The Battle for Gullywith – will be published by Bloomsbury Publishing (of Harry Potter fame). It is a story of magic, myth and midnight adventure. It is officially for children aged 9-12 but pre-publication has been enjoyed by a five year old whose father read it to her, and an 83 year old(who read it himself).

Susan Hill, who lives near Chipping Campden, is the acclaimed and bestselling author of “The Woman in Black”which has been twenty years in the West End. She has written some 36 books, including a number for younger readers.

The Battle for Gullywith is a magical and suspense-filled story about a stone army, an enchanted castle, mysterious ancient powers and some very clever tortoises. Susan Hill deftly weaves a tale of real life and enchantment to delight young readers.

There will be a dedicated website for the book which will go live on 5th April  -and the best stories and pictures based on the book will be posted up there with badges and certificates for all those whose work is chosen. Children will also be able to email their questions to Susan from the site.

Join the Friends of Gullywith on Facebook. Find the stones with strange markings. Help the tortoises escape from Withern Caves. Hunt for the long lost book “Legends of Withern”

There will be a launch party for The Battle of Gullywith on Saturday 5th April at 10.30 am in Chipping Norton at the independent bookshop Jaffe and Neale in Middle Row.

You can meet the author – Susan Hill, buy a copy of the book and have it signed, get a special badge and certificate to say that you were there, have a piece of Gullywith Cake, sign your name in the Book of Gullywith, get a Treasure Map and locate the Hidden Treasure and lots lots more. All children please bring an adult with you. Susan looks forward to seeing you there.

Source: Susan Hill and Bloomsbury Publishing