Being a student in 2022 is undoubtedly a tough undertaking. With inflation increasing the price of everything, education has become more expensive.

Besides that, COVID has trimmed the budget of many families, who are now struggling to make ends meet on a smaller income.

The situation is no different for a student who has many expenses in college.

A student has to pay tuition fees, rent, buy textbooks, and get their own food. More often than not, parents are not in a position to fully support their children financially through college. As a result, many students have to take on loans and part-time jobs to earn enough money to support themselves in college.

In this article, we shall discuss the 10 most popular jobs for college students and look at the money students can expect to earn from them.

1.    Server at a restaurant

Serving at restaurants is perhaps the most common job sought by students. Being a server is a flexible job, and students can take on more shifts to earn more pocket money.

Earning potential: Average of $15.94 per hour.

2.    Freelance Content Writer

If you are a student who has a good command of the English language and a natural talent for writing engaging content, you can consider becoming a freelance content writer. You can work alone or as part of a writing agency. You can check writing service reviews to see which writing providers are trustworthy. Students often use such services for studying, so you will be familiar with their clientele.

Earning potential: Average of $14 per hour.

3.    Sitter

A student can become a babysitter, pet sitter, or even a house sitter. A sitter’s job is to provide care in the absence of owners. Many students prefer becoming a sitter because of the flexibility that the job offers. This flexibility helps them manage their students and work well. Sitters also get many perks while they are working.

Earning potential: Average of $12.50 per hour.

4.    Tuition Teacher

Each student is unique. Some students have mastered different learning techniques to help them keep up with their demanding college coursework. Such students can find job as a student by sharing their knowledge and tutoring other students who are struggling to keep up with academics.

Earning potential: Average of $1100 per month.

5.    Social Media Manager

Students can work as social media managers and handle the social media accounts of influencers, celebrities, or different companies. As a social media manager, a student posts content and engages with other social media accounts on behalf of the account owner.

Earning potential: Average of $12.50 per hour.

6.    Coder

Students who are studying any STEM course can monetize their coding skills to create minor projects for freelance clients. This way, students can earn pocket money doing what they love while refining their skills at the same time.

Earning potential: Average of $30 per hour.

7.    Teaching Assistant

A teaching assistant helps professors take classes, grade assignments, and more. Senior students can apply for teaching assistant positions for junior classes in their universities.

Earning potential: Average of $14.58 per hour.

8.    Bartender

Many students work as bartenders at night to earn a supplementary income. The flexibility that a bartending job offers allows students to manage their college priorities and finances easily.

Earning potential: Average of $16.11 per hour.

9.    Cashier

Cashier jobs are another popular choice for student jobs. Most of the time, students take on the cashier’s job along with being a server, bartender, or barista so that they can earn a good income.

Earning potential: Average of $13.28 per hour.

10. Sales Associate

A sales associate is someone who assists companies increase their sales by selling their product to more people. Many insurance agencies and credit card firms employ students as sales associates.

Earning potential: Average of $14-15 per hour.

A Few Concluding Thoughts

Determined students can find ample opportunities to earn a supplementary income as a student. In this article, we have mentioned only a few job profiles that students usually work at. Besides the job roles mentioned in this article, students can seek internships in their professional fields to earn money and gain industry exposure at the same time. If you are dedicated and ready to take on the available work, you will find good job offers that can boost your income as a student