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8 Biggest Social Recruiting Mistakes You Should Avoid

Social recruiting has revolutionized the way companies interact with their potential employees. It has evolved to be a key hiring strategy that almost every organization follows. However, it’s not all about finding the right candidates on social media; it’s much more than that. If done correctly, social recruiting has the potential to have a tremendously positive effect on employer branding, candidate engagement, and sourcing results.

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Telegram gained 70 million new users during the WhatsApp outage

Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram Messenger, has revealed that the messaging platform registered 70 million new users on Monday during the interruption of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram that lasted several hours. Even before Durov made the announcement through his Telegram channel, users will have noticed the increase in users on Monday, as the service became noticeably slower when it comes to sending messages.

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