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4000 jobs will be lost in Honda’s Swindon factory

Honda (HMC), a Japanese automaker, will close its Swindon factory on Friday, affecting more than 4,000 jobs. According to the BBC, only 200 of the factory’s 3,000 employees will remain to help decommission it. According to the report, the move will result in the loss of 1,800 employment at two local firms that supply the factory.

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1,000 jobs to be created in France by Envision

There is a worldwide race on for car manufacturers to be at the forefront of the competitive market of environmentally clean vehicles. This technology shift has lead to the need to build battery cell plants across Europe. China’s Envision AESC has announced plans to build an electric car battery plant in Douai in northern France. This will create at least 1,000 new jobs which are needed as the car industry is currently undergoing many changes either through Covid 19 affecting sales to the loss of many traditional jobs in the industry.

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