The Swansea Building Society created 8 new jobs in a year, making it the most profitable building society in the UK. The profitability and job creation of the construction society runs counter to the current trends of other well-known financial institutions, which are reducing the number of employees and closing branches.

The Swansea Building Society had 61 employees at the beginning of this year. In the first six months of 2021, it hired 8 new employees at its headquarters and its offices in Swansea, Marbles, Carmarthen and Cowbridge. Hold various positions in branches.

All eight have worked in large retail banks. In most cases, you moved to the Swansea Building Society because of the layoffs caused by the closure of branches by former employer. They bring a wealth of financial knowledge and customer service experience to their new roles.

The Swansea Building Society was named the most profitable building society in the UK last year. It was also recognized as the 30th largest building society in the UK, with total assets of 414 million pounds, a significant increase from the previous year’s 370 million pounds.

The Society sees this surge as an outcome of several years of sustained investment in infrastructure, technology, premises and staff.

Alun Williams, Chief Executive Officer, Swansea Building Society, said: “We are delighted to welcome all eight new staff members to the Swansea Building Society team. The increase in staff numbers has been necessary – and been made possible – because of our success over the last 12 months. I believe this success has been brought about as the culmination of several years of investment, the dedication of our staff, and our commitment to our ethos of opening and not closing branches.

Source: Business News Wales