Student mentors and tutors from the University of Gloucestershire who have supported pupils from local schools have been awarded for their hard work at a University award ceremony. 

Under the Aimhigher mentoring and tutoring scheme, undergraduates have worked with children in local secondary schools on a one-to-one basis with students or by working in the classroom with the class teacher. 

Over 100 students from the University have taken part in the scheme this year with nearly 20 local schools. 

Uni of Glos Chris MellorUni of Glos Chris MellorFinal year geography student, Chris Mellor has won the Mentor of the Year award.  Chris has been working with pupils as Heywood School in Cinderford.  He was nominated by teacher Sue Lusted. 

“Chris has consistently put in effort far and above his remit, he shows a great depth of interest in his students and has involved himself in other school activities becoming ‘part of the furniture’,” said Ms Lusted.

Uni of glos Vince ClarkeUni of glos Vince ClarkeVince Clarke has won Tutor of the Year for his work at St Peter’s High School in Gloucester. 

The tutors and mentors are seen as positive role models and in particular help to raise the confidence, motivation and self-esteem of pupils who have the potential to continue into higher or further education. 

University Mentoring and Tutoring Manager Vicky Lewis added: “Our students have made a difference to many Gloucestershire pupils by building their confidence, helping with study skills and setting them achievable goals.”  

“The University students get invaluable experience which can help in their future job prospects, and many mentors and tutors find their time in the classroom inspires them to apply for postgraduate teaching courses.  The scheme really offers a win-win situation for everyone involved.”

Source: University of Gloucestershire