This was Marathon Number 469 for Steve and what a result. Another sub-3-hour marathon – the second he has run within a week. He just gets better with age!!

Steve’s Race Report
I wasn’t really sure how to run London to be honest bearing in mind my finish time last Sunday and the fact that the 10in10 starts in just under 2 weeks’ time, it was also likely to get a lot warmer throughout the race. However, I decided to try and get to halfway in about 1:30 and then see how I felt. Halfway arrived in exactly 1:29:50, so pretty much what I wanted, but then I had a big decision to make? It went through my mind that another sub 3 would be really nice so I continued to push on thinking if I did get too tired, I could always drop off and still hopefully finish in a reasonable time. I did go through a bit of a tired patch at around 18-19 miles but not enough to worry me so I thought I’d keep pressing until 20 miles and see what I’d have to do for the final 10k.

At 20 miles I was 2:16:30, similar to last week and still feeling okay, it was then that I knew I had to try and keep this pace going. Seeing the Bourton Roadrunner supporters on route spurred me on, their support was fantastic. Finally, at 25 miles (2:50), I had 10 minutes to enjoy that last mile and a bit, down birdcage walk and into the finish for a time of 2:57:54 and my 2nd sub-3-hour marathon in a week, something I haven’t done since Feb 1992! I was very pleased and it also gave me 810th place (90th V45) out of over 35000 runners, so that’s almost in the top 2%.

I’m viewing this as the last long hard training run and am now looking forward to a much steadier 12 days of tapering training before the 10in10 challenge.

We shall be publishing a special article about Steve’s defence of his World Record at the Brathay 10 in 10 Challenge.

Source: Steve Edwards