Steve Edwards’ race report from the Duchy Marathon in Cornwall. His 464th and also his 400th under 3hr 30min which is a British first and possible a world record…

This was the 33rd running of the Duchy Marathon, the same 2 lap course starting and finishing in Redruth as in previous years with undulations and a couple of significant hills on each lap. However the coast road from Portreath just north of Redruth is notorious for its headwind and you run along it for nearly 4 miles on each lap!. This year, it was the probably the worst I’ve known it, on the first lap the headwind was almost gale force with hail storms thrown in just for good measure. Not ideal if you have no hair .. no protection and it hurts!

So it was a case of running in a pack and swapping front runners every minute or so for respite. On the 2nd lap however, the field was so spread out, you were on your own and the headwind was even stronger, definitely gale force as there were moments when you could hardly stay on your feet let alone run, it certainly put paid to another sub 3:10.

However, once out the wind, I did manage to claw back some time over the last 6 miles and record a time of 3:11:03 for 12th place out of 208 finishers, which was also good enough to get me the 3rd V45 prize.

Looking back, it’s well over 2 minutes quicker than my time last year and in much worse conditions, so overall I’m pleased with the performance. The hot Cornish Pasty they give out at the end has never tasted so good!

So number 464 done, but I suppose the most significant statistic for me today was recording my 400th sub 3:30 marathon which is definitely a British first but could also be a world first.