On Sunday 19th October 2008 Moreton-in-Marsh based Steve Edwards ran marathon number 457 – The Leicester Marathon in the City – in his world record attempt to run 500 marathons by 2012 at an average time of under 3 hours 20 minutes.

The Leicester Marathon starts and finishes at Victoria Park in the City and Steve, carrying race number 3453 and running for Bourton Roadrunners, finished in position 116 out of the 465 runners who finished the full marathon.  

Steve’s commented after the race – “I didn’t realise at the time, but I sustained a painful injury at the Langdale Marathon that has put me out of action from running up until last week. So on very minimal mileage and cross training over the previous 4 weeks, I was a little apprehensive about running the distance again so soon. However, I thought if I can just take it steady and run a consistent pace with a shorter stride length on a fairly flat course, I might get round in a reasonable time and more importantly not aggravate my healing injury. That was the plan anyway!”
“Well it appeared to work, albeit with a few aches and twinges, I managed to maintain an 8 minute mile pace and record 3:28:55. Sunday was all about finishing in one piece and trying to record a time below my target which I achieved. For once, it didn’t matter about positions as nearly 5 weeks ago, it was painful to walk, let alone run!, however, it was nice to finish in the top 25%! So the challenge appears to be hopefully back on track, I did have to miss the Loch Ness Marathon in between time, but I guess that doesn’t matter too much in the bigger picture. I’m determined to get the job done and achieve the target average finish time. With 43 marathons to go, the body is obviously starting to creak a bit, so maybe I’ll have to slow down a little, for a while anyway!”

Source: Steve Edwards

Bourton Roadrunners:www.bourtonroadrunners.co.uk

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