Starbucks is raising wages for all its jobs in the United States and making other changes as the firm contends with a difficult labor market and the threat of a unionization drive. The coffee company announced on Wednesday that all of its employees in the United States would be paid at least $15 — and up to $23 — per hour by next summer.

Employees with two or more years of service will receive a 5% rise in late January, while those with five or more years of service may receive a 10% boost. A $200 recruitment incentive will be granted to attract new staff.

Starbucks North America President Rossann Williams stated in a letter to staff that the wage raises will benefit workers and help with recruitment efforts.

Employees at all Starbucks Job locations in Buffalo, New York, are attempting to organize a union to gain more clout on issues such as retail understaffing and worker training. Starbucks Workers United has petitioned the National Labor Relations Board to get union votes.

The company, which has no unions at its 8,000 corporate-owned stores in the United States, has stated that it supports employees’ right to organize but does not believe a union is essential due to its pro-worker practices.

Starbucks is changing its training manual and increasing training time for employees to improve working conditions. It also stated that it intends to test an app that will allow workers to sign up for open shifts that meet their timetables.

Source: Fox News

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